Is God a Republican, Democrat, or Other?
Valuing our Different Opinions without Compromising His Biblical Truth

Let’s have a conversation on biblical truth regarding politically divisive issues including the authority/role of government, justice, life, marriage, and immigration issues, just to name a few.                    

God’s heart breaks over the division in His church due to our political differences.  Within the Body of Christ, we have a diversity of political opinions and positions on contemporary issues.  Some of us are Republican, Democrat, Independent, or have other political affiliations.  The good news is that we can stand firmly on our Biblical Truth regarding political matters without compromising our Biblical Love for all people.       
Throughout the history of mankind and this country, the evil one has successfully convinced people to associate God with some political party and/or ideology.  As a result, there continues to be growing division within and between churches and the communities we are called to love and serve.  Our lack of love and unity (as believers) has severely damaged our witness in the local community as well as regionally, nationally, and through the world. What can we do to bring about change?   

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